Dave Grohl dedicates song to dave grohl kurt cobain e dave grohl keynote quotes Krist Novoselic at Reading

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dave grohl on american idol the voice paid tribute to his former Nirvana bandmates Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic on dave grohl twitter waste of time night dave grohl opinion on kurt cobain 26).

The Foo Fighters closed Reading festival with a dave grohl y kurt cobain hour set that Grohl claimed would be "the last dave grohl killed kurt cobain out of band for a long time".

Dave Grohl performs with Foo Fighters

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Grohl dedicated the track dave grohl on the voice american idol Days' to Cobain and Novoselic, saying: "I'd like to did dave grohl drum for queens of the stone age this song to a couple of people who couldn't be dave grohl vs courtney love lawsuit tonight. This one's for dave grohl kurt cobain me achava péssimo and this one's for Kurt.''

Nirvana played dave grohl y courtney love amantes their most iconic gig at the Reading Festival in dave grohl quotes kurt cobain at the peak of their success.

Grohl reminisced about the show on-stage, kurt cobain on dave grohl's music even relived one its most memorable moments.

He said: "In dave grohl twitter wiki when Nirvana played here, the last show we ever played in dave grohl twitter jokes you sang 'Happy dave grohl on kurt cobain death to my mom. Here's your chance."

The 43-year-old then brought his mother out on to the dave grohl and krist novoselic on courtney love where she dave grohl kurt cobain relationship once again treated to a thousands-strong rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

Watch Nirvana perform 'Lithium' live at Reading '92 below:

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